The Ideal Internet Marketing Plan

Trying to run a business without an Internet marketing plan is like trying to play baseball without a ball. Surveys consistently report that only about 2% of the population does not research online before buying. Without an Internet marketing plan, you are limiting your customer base to 2% of the population or less.

You might have a traditional marketing plan. Do not think for one minute this is enough. Without a comprehensive Internet marketing plan you might not have a business in a year.

Elements In Your Internet Marketing Plan

  1. Search Engine Marketing: Identify the best keywords and optimize your website for those keywords to have your site ranked on the first page of search results. This simply cannot be overlooked in your plan.
  2. Content Development and Marketing: People want information. You can answer questions, meet immediate needs, and show that you can provide additional help through your products and services.
  3. Lead Generation and Management: Your plan must include actions to engage prospects enough to get permission to contact them again. Then you must be able to move each one to customer status.
  4. Public Relations/Media Plan: Optimized press releases can boost the visibility of your company as much as anything else you do.
  5. Blogging and Social Networking: This will help you demonstrate the relevance of your products and services to the people you want for customers.
  6. Advertising: Make good use of banner and other ads, as well as Google AdWords.
  7. Website Development: Your website should be your sales engine. This part of your Internet plan demands the right site construction and information.
  8. Email Marketing: Nobody can afford to overlook the most effective method of communicating with prospects and customers.

These are the elements of a good Internet marketing plan. Each of these elements will need to be given equal attention and frequent updates. If you give adequate attention to each of these elements of your internet marketing plan, you can expect to see significant increases in the growth of your sales and of your long-term customer base.

For a more in-depth explanation of these eight elements, along with four others, see my video training course, The Internet Lead Generation Academy. This 12-part training is designed for the business owner and the professional practitioner. More articles on lead generation are also at

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