Internet Marketing System – Build or Buy?

Internet Marketing SystemShould you invest in an internet marketing system, or should you build an Internet marketing system for your business? The two questions are very different. Consider these definitions.

By one definition, an Internet marketing system is “guaranteed success” business in a box. It offers pre-written ads and a list of places to put the ads and a ready-to-upload website. It also comes with the sure-fire sales pitch you need to sell the products for the business.

If you believe the marketing materials, the person offering this system is phenomenally successful. You are told that you can also get rich. But be sure to read the fine print that advises that these results cannot always be duplicated. In short, somebody claims to have become rich with these products. He is now earning more money by selling his “system”.

Ask yourself two questions, please: “If this business is so successful, why is he sharing the customers and the sales with thousands of other people?” and “How many total possible sales can be made before there is nothing left?” How many people will be trying to make the same sale to the same person?

By our second definition, an internet marketing system is the same thing as an internet marketing plan. An internet marketing plan presents a specific business to the world using known marketing practices. This Internet marketing plan uses the many common marketing tactics in ways that are unique to your business and your customer.

Your Internet marketing plan is informed by your customer knowledge, your innovation, and your insight into how the product meets customer need and desire.

Because you understand customer needs and desires, the other companies competing for sales, and your competitive advantages over them, it will provide a uniquely powerful understanding of the information needed by your customers in order to decide to buy from you.

These two meanings of an internet marketing system are very different. Successful internet marketing systems are sensitive to the customer and to the product. The question then is what kind of business you want to be in. Will you build your future on a business-in-a-box internet marketing system that will compete with other mirror images of the same business, or will you learn to market the business you love with integrity?

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