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Strategic Internet Marketing Hidden Secrets

Strategic internet marketing is a way of marketing your company, products or services in a way that makes all marketing activities work together to achieve a singular response. What is the response? The response desired by strategic internet marketing creating a relationship with people who visit your store, office or web site. The relationship will [...]


Internet Marketing System – Build or Buy?

Should you invest in an internet marketing system, or should you build an Internet marketing system for your business? The two questions are very different. Consider these definitions. By one definition, an Internet marketing system is “guaranteed success” business in a box. It offers pre-written ads and a list of places to put the ads [...]


10 Internet Marketing Promotion Tactics

There are countless ways to promote your small business or professional firm. Internet marketing promotion is the category of promotions that are somehow most difficult for many people. I’d like to clear up some of the confusion by listing the ten tactics that are necessary for successful internet marketing promotion. Company web site. The way [...]


The Ideal Internet Marketing Plan

Trying to run a business without an Internet marketing plan is like trying to play baseball without a ball. Surveys consistently report that only about 2% of the population does not research online before buying. Without an Internet marketing plan, you are limiting your customer base to 2% of the population or less. You might [...]


Business Marketing Strategy: A 5-Point Checklist

How much better would your business marketing strategy be if someone told you how to evaluate it? Marketing plans can fall below expectation for several reasons. One very common reason for missing the mark is the strategy and not the marketing plan or even the marketing tactics. There are five measures of a business marketing [...]


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