Strategic Internet Marketing Hidden Secrets

Strategic Internet MarketingStrategic internet marketing is a way of marketing your company, products or services in a way that makes all marketing activities work together to achieve a singular response.

What is the response? The response desired by strategic internet marketing creating a relationship with people who visit your store, office or web site. The relationship will meet needs, answer questions and address pains and break down barriers so that person will let you tell him or her about your business, products or services.

According to a 2018 study nearly three-quarters of the 1,596,270,108 people using the internet said they research products and services online before they buy. Even if you do not believe people would rather buy from you online instead of in your store, the importance of strategic Internet marketing cannot be ignored. Even if you operate the kind of business that provides services instead of products, you cannot ignore the power of the Internet to influence purchasing.

Strategic internet marketing is a marketing plan to get people to buy from you. In today’s markets – more than ever before – people buy from those they know, like and trust. Trust is earned in a relationship. The most effective way to build that kind of relationship is either face to face or on your web site. Strategic Internet marketing brings everyone it attracts to this meeting point.

Because you cannot possibly talk to everyone who sees your marketing, you rely on strategic internet marketing to bring those people to your web site. Your site should be open to your personality and the personality of your company. It should also be welcoming of visitors. No one is made to feel welcome by a banner on the home page that says ߢwelcome.ߢ  The web site you bring them to must be:

  • Clearly focused on and able to engage them
  • Easy to find your way around
  • Indicative of your business values and philosophy
  • Knowledgeable of the needs and wants of customers and willing to provide information and solutions
  • Friendly for search engines

In other words, your strategic Internet marketing plan should focus on getting the right people to your web site. When they get there, it should be clear that you know who they are, why they came, and what they want. Your site should also be fresh, and completely attuned to the needs of your customer.

When you bring those who respond to your strategic Internet marketing to a one-to-one meeting or to your web site you can build the relationship that opens the door to discuss your products or services. In today’s market, the sales pitch can only be made to people who know you, like you and trust you. This is the response desired of strategic Internet marketing.

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Internet Marketing System ߢ Build or Buy?

Internet Marketing SystemShould you invest in an internet marketing system, or should you build an Internet marketing system for your business? The two questions are very different. Consider these definitions.

By one definition, an Internet marketing system is ߢguaranteed successߢ business in a box. It offers pre-written ads and a list of places to put the ads and a ready-to-upload website. It also comes with the sure-fire sales pitch you need to sell the products for the business.

If you believe the marketing materials, the person offering this system is phenomenally successful. You are told that you can also get rich. But be sure to read the fine print that advises that these results cannot always be duplicated. In short, somebody claims to have become rich with these products. He is now earning more money by selling his ߢsystemߢ.

Ask yourself two questions, please: ߢIf this business is so successful, why is he sharing the customers and the sales with thousands of other people?ߢ and “How many total possible sales can be made before there is nothing left?ߢ How many people will be trying to make the same sale to the same person?

By our second definition, an internet marketing system is the same thing as an internet marketing plan. An internet marketing plan presents a specific business to the world using known marketing practices. This Internet marketing plan uses the many common marketing tactics in ways that are unique to your business and your customer.

Your Internet marketing plan is informed by your customer knowledge, your innovation, and your insight into how the product meets customer need and desire.

Because you understand customer needs and desires, the other companies competing for sales, and your competitive advantages over them, it will provide a uniquely powerful understanding of the information needed by your customers in order to decide to buy from you.

These two meanings of an internet marketing system are very different. Successful internet marketing systems are sensitive to the customer and to the product. The question then is what kind of business you want to be in. Will you build your future on a business-in-a-box internet marketing system that will compete with other mirror images of the same business, or will you learn to market the business you love with integrity?

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10 Internet Marketing Promotion Tactics

Internet Marketing PromotionThere are countless ways to promote your small business or professional firm. Internet marketing promotion is the category of promotions that are somehow most difficult for many people.

I’d like to clear up some of the confusion by listing the ten tactics that are necessary for successful internet marketing promotion.

  1. Company web site. The way the site is built should move people from lead to customer, and it should be written to give them the information they need to make a buying decision. Your site is the foundation of all internet marketing promotion.
  2. Keyword Research. You need it for search engine optimization and for Google Adwords.
  3. Google Adwords. You need at least one or two campaigns. How much you do depends on how much money you can spend. You can set a limit on the amount you will spend each day. It will help to get traffic to your site.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Keywords people are using change. So do search engine ranking formulas. The point of internet marketing promotion is to help people find you and your web site.
  5. Email Marketing. This is the best way to stay in touch with people. Even only a monthly newsletter is a good internet marketing promotion.
  6. Give-aways on Your Web Site. You can offer a free gift, a loss leader, or information (fact sheets, articles, white papers, e-books).
  7. Press Releases. Send out information to the press so they know about you. They might look to you as an expert and call you for a comment or feature your business in an article.
  8. Social Networking and Blogging. Don’t forget to post comments on other sites and blogs. This is important now because it’s new and it works.
  9. Article Publishing. This is a good way to get people to know who you are and to build more links coming into your web site.
  10. Paid Ads. You will want to support your other internet marketing promotion efforts by putting a few paid banner ads on sites other that are appropriate to your business.

If you pay attention to each of these kinds of internet marketing promotions, you stand a greater chance of being successful.

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The Ideal Internet Marketing Plan

Trying to run a business without an Internet marketing plan is like trying to play baseball without a ball. Surveys consistently report that only about 2% of the population does not research online before buying. Without an Internet marketing plan, you are limiting your customer base to 2% of the population or less.

You might have a traditional marketing plan. Do not think for one minute this is enough. Without a comprehensive Internet marketing plan you might not have a business in a year.

Elements In Your Internet Marketing Plan

  1. Search Engine Marketing: Identify the best keywords and optimize your website for those keywords to have your site ranked on the first page of search results. This simply cannot be overlooked in your plan.
  2. Content Development and Marketing: People want information. You can answer questions, meet immediate needs, and show that you can provide additional help through your products and services.
  3. Lead Generation and Management: Your plan must include actions to engage prospects enough to get permission to contact them again. Then you must be able to move each one to customer status.
  4. Public Relations/Media Plan: Optimized press releases can boost the visibility of your company as much as anything else you do.
  5. Blogging and Social Networking: This will help you demonstrate the relevance of your products and services to the people you want for customers.
  6. Advertising: Make good use of banner and other ads, as well as Google AdWords.
  7. Website Development: Your website should be your sales engine. This part of your Internet plan demands the right site construction and information.
  8. Email Marketing: Nobody can afford to overlook the most effective method of communicating with prospects and customers.

These are the elements of a good Internet marketing plan. Each of these elements will need to be given equal attention and frequent updates. If you give adequate attention to each of these elements of your internet marketing plan, you can expect to see significant increases in the growth of your sales and of your long-term customer base.

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Business Marketing Strategy: A 5-Point Checklist

Business Marketing StrategyHow much better would your business marketing strategy be if someone told you how to evaluate it? Marketing plans can fall below expectation for several reasons. One very common reason for missing the mark is the strategy and not the marketing plan or even the marketing tactics.

There are five measures of a business marketing strategy that must be present if your marketing plan and your tactics are to succeed.

  1. Shared trajectory with business strategy. It is crucial that you align your business marketing strategy on the same trajectory with your business strategy. For example, if your plan is to grow your business by focusing on services you can provide to residents of independent living communities, it would likely be a waste of money to place expensive ads on MTV.
  2. Respect the budget. The budget sets the limits for your business marketing strategy. No matter what audience you need to reach or what product or service you are marketing, budgets define reality. You must keep things in perspective within those limits if you expect to meet your marketing objectives.
  3. Defining. Your business marketing strategy should define your marketing plan, as well as how you plan to accomplish it. The plan should include all of your marketing activities and tactics. Yet it must also permit some latitude for changes that have a very high chance of success.
  4. A sense of perspective. It is unlikely that you will be marketing a single product or service to a single, specific audience. A successful business marketing strategy will keep all tactics and campaigns in perspective to maintain a focus on marketing objectives.
  5. Customer centric. A good strategy will result from profound knowledge of your target market. It will use the tactics calculated to speak clearly to that audience. It will reflect your understanding of the information they need to hear and the method of communication they prefer.

If your business marketing strategy includes these five marks of a good strategy, you can rest assured that you are starting down the marketing path headed in the right direction and with the basic tools you need to reach your desired destination.

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